Plasma-doors | Modern Doors
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Modern Doors

Plasma Modern Doors

After  research and development, PLASMA Doors has created modern aesthetics  and exceptional strength doors.

The combination of designs and quality offer functionality and allow the adaptation of multiple security systems.

The thickness of the aluminum profile is 85mm to 105mm and the thickness of the aluminum sheet is externally 3mm.

All doors can be painted like wood texture , Ral and  in Structura colors. The interior linings can be made of 2mm aluminum sheet or laminate linings.

  • Model PLM1

    Modern and impressive. Designed in every detail and aesthetics.

  • Model PLM2

    PLM2 is a door that stands out for its exceptional quality and its special design.

  • Model PLM3

    Simple and functional. The minimal design of PLM3 derives from the two basic elements of wood-based painting...

  • Model PLM4

    Modern and well built with beautiful features. Here the architecture is combined with functionality and nice appearance.

  • Model PLM5

    Coplanar door, designed by PLASMA Doors in a simple minimal line.

  • Model PLM6

    PLM6 is a variant of PLM5 and PLM1. The differentiation is in the inox handle of 180cm in length ....

  • Model PLM7

    Designed perfectly to suit the needs of every home with beautiful symmetrical wood-textured frames that stand in height.

  • Model PLM8

    Modern line and aesthetics with the unique dominant feature of the inox decorative and the recessed handle.

  • Model PLM9

    Designed perfectly to suit the needs of every home with beautiful symmetrical wood-textured frames that stand in height.

  • Model PLM10

    The accompanying elements that characterize the PLM10 are the 10cm vertical frosted glass and the decorative inox parallel.

  • Model PLM11

    The PLM11 combines perfectly with left or right sidelights or both. It has a minimal design...

  • Model PLM12

    PLM12 is consisted of 2 inox vertical elements and wood-textured paint. It combines perfectly with left...

  • Model PLM13

    Impressive and modern design. PLM 13 is characterized by its simplicity and functionality.

  • Model PLM14

    PLM 14 is a double-sided door, characterized by the design and the construction reliability.

  • Model PLM15

    In parallel vertical lines and minimal design, the PLM15 offers all the elements of a modern door.

  • Model PLM16

    The PCM16 is designed in a classic line but with modern features.

  • Model PLM17

    PLM17 is well built and emblematic . Her pantographic design came from the influences of modern art.