Classic Doors
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Classic Doors

Plasma Doors CLASSIC

Classical and timeless, they are distinguished for their design and durability. Made of 85mm-105mm aluminum profiles and frame coplanar. Fully adapted to all optional security systems and make beautiful any space.

Technical Features

• Thickness of co-planal door 75mm-95mm.
• 3mm external aluminium sheet cladding.
• Internal core of expansible polyurethane, B2 category, incombustible. 60kg/m3
• 2mm internal aluminium sheet cladding.
• A laminate surface with wooden texture can be applied on the internal side.
• Thermal transmittance Up 0,36 – 0,29W/(m2K)
• Glazing on the door panel 10 – 25 -10 -25 -10, sandblasted.
• Powder coating with AKZO Nobel & NEOKEM colours.
• Thermal Panels Certified by the Testing Institute ift ROSENHEIM

  • Model PLC1

    Absolute minimal design in classic style. The 4 horizontal engravings

  • Model PLC2

    A simple, minimal door, but also extremely functional. The coating

  • Model PLC3

    Symmetrical and co-planal. A proposal from PLASMA Doors for every

  • Model PLC4

    PLC4 is a discreet and simple door. The coating can be in all colours Ral, St

  • Model PLC7

    PLC7 brings together all the advantages of a remarkable and

  • Model PLC13

    With a special design, offering every innovation to classic, traditional entrance

  • Model PLC14

    PLC14 is a co-planal door, simple and impressive. Its design is distinctive

  • Model PLC15

    Imposing and dynamic, it attracts all eyes. The PLC15 has a solid design a