Plasma-doors | Classic Doors
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Classic Doors

Plasma Doors CLASSIC

Classical and timeless, they are distinguished for their design and durability. Made of 85mm-105mm aluminum profiles and frame coplanar.  Fully adapted to all optional security systems and make beautiful any space.

  • Model PLC1

    The absolute minimal design in a classical form. There are 4 horizontal scrolls and the inox tubular handle.

  • Model PLC2

    Pure with excellent results of functionality. It can be painted in all Ral colors or wood texture.

  • Model PLC3

    Symmetrical and coplanar. A PLASMA Doors suggestion for all homes.

  • Model PLC4

    PCL4 is a discreet and simple door. It can be painted in all Ral, Structura and / or wood colors.

  • Model PLC5

    Classical door with mesh design to be vertical to the middle of the door combined with...

  • Model PLC6

    PLC6 is painted in a distinctive wood texture. It is characterized by the concentric squared rhombus...

  • Model PLC7

    The PLC7 concentrates all the advantages of a remarkable and unique door design.

  • Model PLC8

    Classic door with a drawing that resembles a meander. The design is found vertically at the ...

  • Model PLC9

    PLC9 offers functionality and security, that make it a unique element of classical decoration.

  • Model PLC10

    PLC10 is a coplanar door in a paint wood texture that matches perfectly with its design.

  • Model PLC11

    A complementary element in PLC11 is the parallel vertical meanders. It is functional and fully...

  • Model PLC12

    Classical door that is fully combined with any modern design. The combination of vertical...

  • Model PLC13

    A special exterior door designed to be able to stand close to traditional ones.